March 5, 2021

Macro Photography

Accreditation, Macro Photography

Macro Photography

Received word that my initial submission to the category of Macro Photography was of a high enough quality to pass on the first review. So happy with the results as it is rare to have all images pass on the first review. I value the unbiased feedback from the judges. Thanks Professional Photographers of Canada for giving me a venue to push my skills. Below is the category description for Macro Photography from the Professional Photographers of Canada.

Submit ten (10) images of ten (10) different subjects using special techniques and equipment that show the photographer has an understanding of the concept of Macro and/or Micro Photography. At least 2 of the 10 images must be Micro Photography.
Note: Macro photography is defined as showing a subject in a 1:1 magnification as compared to their actual size. On a 35mm sensor, a 35mm subject should encompass the entire sensor. RAW files may be requested. Microphotography shows the subject in a greater than 1:1 magnification. For Microphotography, special equipment including but not limited to Microscopes may be used.

A good understanding of lighting and software techniques used to enhance this type of photography must be demonstrated.