August 11, 2020

Ornithology Accreditation (Birds)

Ornithology (Bird) Photography

Received word today that my final group of pictures that were submitted showed the last pieces to qualify for my Ornithology (Bird) Accreditation. This is the 9th accreditation and each one has pushed me to better my skill. So very appreciative of the process. Here is the requirements as shown on the website

Produce 10 images of 10 different subjects, from 10 different photo sessions on 10 different occasions, and have enough variety in the submission to show the photographer's creative and technical ability. Images should show at least three of either birds in flight, flocks of migrating birds, at the nest, with their young, and in the environment they live in, close-ups and could include backyard/garden birds. These images should be a cut above in their ability to distinguish the features of the birds and their environment.