March 19, 2022

PPOC National Image Competition 2022

PPOC National Image Competition 2022

Each year the Professional Photographer of Canada ( puts on a National Image Competition for its members. It is an opportunity for the members to put their best images forward and judged by National calibre judges. The judging was streamed through Facebook on the Public Facebook page for the PPOC, I learn so much every time I watch. Each member is allowed to submit up to 4 images. I have to admit that I ran out of time to edit my images to the fullest that I wanted to. Super happy to have 3 out of 4 images accepted into the National Image Salon which is a showcase of Accepted or higher images from the competition. So grateful to belong to such a great organization that helps me push my skills higher.

Image 1: Was taken at Tribune Bay on Hornby Island BC on the August long weekend 2021 while we anchored for the night after a day of sailing. The boat in the image anchored close to us and the setting sun cause some awesome colours

Image 2: My wife loves her garden and it attracts so much life. In this case it was a dragonfly sunning itself on the onion stalks. Early September 2021

Image 3: Fused Elements Photography has a studio and this image was produced in studio with outstanding model Kate Olsen. June 2021

Anchor For The Night


Red. Model: Kate Olsen