The Someday List

Not sure we all have this or if we do it might be called by other names. As I am shooting or editing I may look at an image and say to myself or others, Oh that one would be fun to do something with later. So in the back of my mind it ends up on my Someday List. Seems now a days very little comes off that list but I am always adding to it. So this image ended up on the list a year and a half ago when shooting with Ashley S. for a Southern Alberta Portrait Project where we were given the era of the 1950's. This was not the image that we went with but something I want to try later. The day this shot was taken it was one of the sunniest days in mid June of 2019. Well yesterday while searching for an image for another project I saw this and thought, let's spend an hour and see what I can come up with. For an hours work think it looks not too bad. Needless to say that the hour that I spent was very freeing as it was editing for me and not to please anyone else. Have to dip into the "Someday List" more often. Sorry Ashley it took so long lol. Thanks to Ashely S. for Modelling, Hair by Janay Payant for the awesome hair and make up