April 24, 2022

Master of Photography Arts from Professional Photographers of Canada

Master of Photographic Arts from Professional Photographers of Canada

I joined in April of 2017 and was a bit hesitant to get involved and start my path through the PPOC. After some helpful nudging from fellow members I jumped in with both feet. As a member I have access to may things and most of all members with vast experience across the board. With help I submitted for accreditations, regional and national competitions and helped in various positions within the association. Each of these earn points and milestones within the association to help you grow and hone your skills. In 2020 I earned my Craftsman of Photographic arts which is a stepping stone to the Master designation. So grateful to everyone that helped me reach this milestone in my career. Below I will post a link so you can learn more about the PPOC and the Path to the designations.

About the PPOC: https://www.ppoc.ca/about.php

About the PPOC Designations: https://www.ppoc.ca/membership/designations_awards.php

Fused Elements Accreditations: https://www.fusedelements.com/Accreditations/

Fused Elements Competition images: https://www.fusedelements.com/Comp/