May 5, 2020

Attaining Craftsman of Photographic Arts from Professional Photographers of Canada

Road to CPA

3 Years ago I joined the PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada ) to up the level of my photography along with the product that I can deliver to my valued clients. As I looked more at the PPOC it also provided the accreditation process by which your work is judged by Master photographers not knowing who the maker to give an unbiased view of ones work. This process is one part of the CPA. Image competition is where images are judged as a step up from accreditation. In this regard to obtain a CPA a certain number of images ( and in my case it was 5 ) needed to pass the national competition. Only 4 can be submitted each year. Last part of the CPA is Service to the Photography community. I serve on local and provincial boards, join the education process as both teacher and student. I all it has taken 3 years almost to the day to gain the CPA. Earring the CPA from what I understand usually takes long but I was fortunate enough to get mine completed in short order.