October 31, 2020

Second Shooting Weddings

Second Shooting Weddings

Had the pleasure over the last 2 years to work with a couple of outstanding wedding photographers. Stacey of Stacey Rae Images has been the one to call on me the most and is just awesome at her craft. Melanie of Photo Expressions Photography has start to use me at a few weddings and photoshoots as well, she is great at what she does. I have learned so very much for them both. I have had a little fun photoshopping images from the weddings that I should with Stacey Rae Images. Stacey has great at allowing me to have a bit of creative fun with the RAW images that I shoot for her. I started Photoshopping images with a wedding at the beginning of the summer where on the shoot list there was a must have. It was must have the Groom with the Groomsmen and the flasks that the Groom had gifted them. Well between the guys getting ready the groomsman left his in a car, that by that time was far enough away that it would not make it back in time for the photos. I had offered to photoshop in the missing flask. From then on for Stacey Rae Images I have been picking one image and having a bit of Photoshop fun. Enjoy, I know I have been!!

The images were taken by Stacey of Stacey Rae Images, Photoshop done by Craig of Fused Elements Photography. Brad and Tia wedding at the Norland

Images shot for Stacey Rae Images. Roger and Jamie at the Countryside Barn. Left image is as it came out of the Camera

Images shot for Stacey Rae Images. Brittany and Abe at the Galt Museum. Left image is as it came out of the Camera

Images shot for Stacey Rae Images. Nicole and Chad and the family farm. Left image is as it came out of the Camera

Shot for Photo Expressions Photography. One thing with being a second shooter is that you are not always in the right position but you can still get some good ones and from a perspective that the main photographer isn't getting at the time. This is Out of the Camera on the Left and with just minor edits on the right. Kelsey and Steven at Indian Battle Park